Turn your mobile app into an engaging social community

Delivered is a chat SDK and a fully-hosted cloud service

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Make your app chat with Delivered

The winners of this generation of mobile apps will succeed through better user engagement and retention. A community strengthened by in-app chat is the way to improve that.

Delivered is a complete social messaging solution for app developers and businesses. We have created a toolbox for you to turn your user base into an engaged community within your app.

Don’t waste more time

Focus on your core business and enjoy the benefits of social messaging as a service. Our team, specialised in instant messaging technologies, has built a light, fast and scalable solution.

Unleash the potential of your user base

Let your users discover new connections and strengthen existing ones. Delivered removes barriers between your users and allows them to interact and build relationships within your app.

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1-on-1 chats

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Private groups

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Chat spaces


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