A light Messaging SDK built with the features you need

Simply a suite of social messaging features that best fit your app

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Light as a feather

Our messaging protocol saves data and the light SDK takes minimum of space.

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Scale safely

Our cloud-based service and fair pricing have been designed for your growth.

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Build communities

Let your users discover each other and create groups and chat rooms for any need.


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1-on-1 chats

A private chat between two users

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Private groups

Groups joined via member invite

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Chat spaces

Group chats around your content

Multimedia messaging

Your users will be able to share text, emojis, images, audio, video and gifs.

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Your app's user retention will improve with message notifications for offline messages.


Keep things in your control with effective user reporting and moderations tools.

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Capture events about the messaging feature's usage to your preferred analytics solution via callbacks.

Chat add-ons

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Notification badges

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Shared media library

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Message time stamps

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Message status

Technology features

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Smart messaging protocol

Our messaging protocol transfers considerably less data compared to other protocols.

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Light SDK

Keep your app light with highly optimized SDKs for multiple platforms.

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Your messaging cloud

Get your own fully-hosted messaging cloud that scales as your business grows.

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UI widgets

Use our customisable chat widgets or alternatively bring chat to your own UI.

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Moderate chat rooms based on user reports and take necessary actions in real time.

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Multi-device support

Allow your users to login on different devices and continue where they left off.


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